JOHN HEINERMAN, Ph.D., a Medical Anthropologist, has been the Director of the Anthropological Research Center in Salt Lake City, Utah for 20 years. He is the author of 55 books on health and healing. Dr. Heinerman is considered by many Journalists to be one of America's premier authorities on Folk Medicine and Food Therapy. His latest national bestsellers include Heinerman's Encyclopedia Of Healing Juices (also in Spanish), The Healing Benefits Of Garlic (now in 5 languages), Heinerman's Encyclopedia Of Anti-Aging Remedies, Nature's Super Seven Medicines and Natural Pet Cures. "John has done more to give dignity to useful plants than anyone else I know of" said his close friend, Lendon Smith, M.D. Once when Dr. Heinerman was asked by a correspondent with The New York Times how to best summarize his work, he replied with his typical reserved wit: "Take 2 radishes and call me in the morning!"

Dr. Heinerman will speak on The Treatment Of Cancer With Herbs.


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