AAJONUS VONDERPLANITZ, AUTHOR. Early education included a Technical Degree in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis at Cincinnati Institute of Computer Technology. Other studies were Architecture, Business Law and British-American Drama Academy at Stanford University in California.

At age 20, Aajonus was diagnosed with blood and bone cancers (Multiple Myeloma) and given less than 6 months to live. Medical therapies left him a semi-invalid with 3 new "incurable" diseases, psoriasis, bursitis, arthritis and a medical death sentence of "3 months at best."

Aajonus's struggle for life drove him to study and explore every Alternative Therapy including physical exercise, positive thinking, and vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplementation and dietary regimes. He obtained substantial results from certain diets and began the study of Nutrition.

After his health improved, he traveled for 3 years on a bicycle laden with a sleeping bag and 4 saddle bags containing books on health. He adventured the North American continent, living outdoors while studying the diets and healing methods of various cultural groups and animals. He discovered a dietary approach that changed his life. His cancers went into complete remission, as did all of his diseases and 32 years later he enjoys excellent health.

In 1997, Mr. Vonderplanitz wrote a book telling about his recovery and how to live a disease free life called We Want To Live. At present he is developing a companion volume of raw-food recipes.

AAJONUS VONDERPLANITZ will speak on Raw Foods & Cancer.


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