BARRY LYNES, AUTHOR dropped out of college and joined the army on the day the Cuban missile crisis threatened the world with nuclear annihilation. He served at the highest military headquarters in Germany and France during the tense years of the Cold War which followed.

After military service he graduated with honors with a major in Literature & History from Boston University, Massachusetts.

In 1986, while publishing a small alternative newspaper in Washington, D.C., he learned of the American Medical Association’s suppression of Royal Rife’s stunning cures for cancer and other diseases by means of Rife Ray Tube Therapy.

Mr. Lynes subsequently delivered the facts directly to the office of every U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative in Congress, as well as to George Washington University medical students. There was no interest by anyone in the U.S. Congress or even by a single medical student.

Mr. Lynes therefore closed his newspaper and entered into an agreement with John Crane – Royal Rife’s partner – to bring the Rife story to the world and to manage a Rife Revival. Rife had died 15 years previous.

Mr. Lynes feared that Royal Rife’s inventions, discoveries and profound knowledge of Microbiology – derived from Rife’s extraordinary medical and scientific training at the most advanced medical and scientific institutions in America and Europe – might be lost forever. This would have meant the 21st century’s health revolution now defined as “Energy Medicine” might never be born, with the result being that Orthodox Medicine would keep its monopoly.

In 1987, Mr. Lynes authored The Cancer Cure That Worked: The Rife Report. This revolutionary book initiated a grassroots movement which has resulted in thousands of American and foreign websites, millions of pages of internet text, and many dramatic success stories involving cancer patients who were written off as hopeless by conventional medicine. Mr. Lyne’s book, unfortunately, also gave rise to numerous Rife exploiters offering useless devices to cancer patients at exhorbitant prices.

While living in Washington, D.C., Mr. Lynes communicated with the people at the Office of Technology Assessment who were in charge of the U.S. Congress’s 3-year study and report on Alternative Cancer Therapies. To his horror, he discovered that the bureaucrats were involved in a typical Washington “whitewash.”

Later, Mr. Lynes engaged in years of direct dialogue with the FDA. This convinced him that the government agencies were protecting the status quo medicine and conventional science at the expense of the American people’s health and the public interest.

Mr. Lyne’s 21st century sequel to the path-blazing original book about Royal Rife is now available. It is titled Cancer Solutions: Rife, Energy Medicine, and Medical Politics.

He will speak on Rife-Energy Medicine.



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