CHARLIE FOX, AUTHOR. To many people garlic is just garlic, a flavoring that gives zest to food. To Charlie Fox, it is the difference between life and death. More than 33 years ago, while Charlie was working in his father’s floor wax business, breathing toxic fumes daily—particularly carbon tetrachloride, one of the most toxic carcinogens—he became deathly ill.

Doctors found that three-fourths of his liver was damaged, and said that his chances of continuing to live were marginal. Charlie didn’t like the odds, so he made some drastic life changes. A raw food diet, daily exercise, pure water and an abundance of garlic rejuvenated his liver and the rest of him. Today he is noted for super-energy and stamina. He attributes this mainly to garlic.

Fascinated with garlic’s effectiveness against illnesses from times of the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Romans until now, Charlie noted that hundreds of modern studies validate its health value. Twenty-two years ago, this motivated him to join Wakunaga of America in Mission Viejo, CA, makers of aged garlic, and to study intensively the many benefits of garlic. Inasmuch as Charlie has given thousands of talks on this subject, he has come to be known as “The Garlic Guru.”

“Prevention is the best medicine, and the greatest doctor in the world is the physician inside — Dr. Immune,” he tells listeners. For many decades, audiences have asked him, “When are you going to write a book on garlic?”

With the help of two other authors, James Scheer and Lynn Allison, Mr. Fox co-authored the book The Garlic Cure, which was published in 2002.

Chapters in the book include “Things You Should Know About Garlic,” “Dealing with Allergies, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and AIDS,” “New Weapon Against TB, Sickle Cell Anemia and Ulcers,” “Supplemental Insurance for Heart and Arteries”, “Promising Answers to Cancer, Aging and Memory Loss,” “Super Natural Antibiotic,” “Exciting News from the Pet Set” and “Heavenly Garlic Gourmet Recipes.”

Charlie will speak on The Therapeutic Benefits Of Garlic.


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