BURTON GOLDBERG, PRES. alternativemedicine.com

BURTON GOLDBERG, PRES. alternativemedicine.com, a former hotelier, restaurateur and developer, discovered Alternative Medicine 18 years ago when his friend’s daughter attempted suicide. After conventional Psychiatric Treatment failed she was referred to a Holistic Physician, who treated her with diet and supplements. Amazed at her complete recovery, Mr. Goldberg concluded that Conventional Medicine paid little attention to biochemical imbalance.

Determined to learn more, he circled the globe to study with the world’s leading Alternative Physicians. Four years ago, Mr. Goldberg decided that the public needed to share his discoveries of the Alternative Treatment now available for escalating degenerative diseases.

“My mission will not be finished until every American knows about and is able to freely and affordably receive Alternative Medicine,” Goldberg vowed. “Our health and the health of our children depends upon knowing all of the health care options that are available to us. Americans need to be educated about Alternative Medicine and realize that freedom of medical choice should be part of our Bill of Rights.”

A team of 220 writers, researchers and educators and 380 of the world’s accredited leading Alternative Physicians were assembled under the auspices of Future Medicine Publishing.

The result of this extraordinary effort is a 1,100 page book called Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. The response to the Guide was so overwhelming that a directory of 16,000 Alternative Physicians in the United States and Canada was compiled in The Alternative Medicine Yellow Pages. A monthly magazine, Alternative Medicine Digest: The Voice of Alternative Medicine followed.

One of Mr. Goldberg’s most outstanding books is Alternative Medicine–Definitive Guide To Cancer, which tells how cancer can be reversed using clinically proven Complementary and Alternative Therapies. The book includes Successful Cancer Treatment Plans Of 23 Alternative Physicians and A Complete Guide To Innovative Approaches To Cancer Treatment.

His latest book published this year is called Cancer Diagnosis and describes clinically proven, safe and non-toxic treatments.

Burton Goldberg will speak on Solutions To The Cancer Epidemic.


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