DAVID STEENBLOCK, D.O., while an undergraduate at Iowa State University, was nominated to Psi Chi (honors in Psychology) and was awarded a National Science Foundation research traineeship for work on nerve and muscle Physiology. In graduate school he was selected to serve as a National Institute of Health Cardiovascular Fellow for 2 years and completed his research thesis on the Enzymology of Hemostatic Homeostasis. While pursuing Biochemistry research, Dr. Steenblock also attended the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Des Moines, Iowa and graduated with his D.O. Degree in 1970.

After practicing General Medicine for 2 years, Dr. Steenblock returned to school for more advanced medical training. He studied Anatomic Pathology at Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio and Clinical Pathology at University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, Portland, Oregon.

In 2002, Dr. Steenblock received the Charles H. Farr Pioneer Award from the International Oxygen Medical Association for his research and development of Oxygen Medicine for the treatment of stroke and brain injury. He is the Medical Director of the Brain Therapeutics Medical Clinic in Mission Viejo, California, which has treated over 1000 stroke patients over the last 10 years with a 95% sucess rate. In addition to stroke therapy, the clinic also treats patients with cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The Clinic is also the first of its kind to now offer outpatient Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for those patients experiencing travel or distance problems.

Dr. Steenblock may be contacted by phone 800-300-1063 and website www.strokedoctor.com.

He will speak on Hyperbaric Oxygen & Nutritional Therapies For Stroke, M.S. & Parkinson’s Disease.


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