DOUGLAS BRODIE, M.D. completed his pre-medical requirements at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana and his M.D. Degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After his internship in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he served in the United States Air Force as a Captain and Flight Surgeon. Dr. Brodie’s resident training was with the University of California Hospital in San Francisco, California and with Alameda County Hospital in Oakland, California, serving his last year as Chief Medical Resident.

For 20 years he had a successful and uninterrupted medical practice in California. In 1976 he came to the rescue of the Dr. John Richardson Clinic when Dr. Richardson was forced to give up his practice. Dr. Brodie used non-toxic and natural methods in the control of cancer and began to suffer the same harassment and public humiliation as did Dr. Richardson. Fighting many attempts to take his license away, Dr. Brodie finally won the right to treat his patients with Metabolic Therapy. He considers this “Not just a personal victory, but a victory for freedom of choice in Medicine.” Moving his practice to Nevada in 1980, Dr. Brodie continues to provide alternative care for cancer patients in Reno, Nevada.

Dr. Brodie and Mike Culbert co-authored a book called Cancer & Common Sense, which tells about Dr. Brodie’s 29 years of clinical experience using Alternative Therapies.

He will speak on Natural Approaches To Fighting Cancer.


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