MILLAN CHESSMAN, HEALTH PRACTITIONER graduated as a Certified Enter Hydro Therapist from Arizona Holistic Institute in 1982 and opened her first health practice under the direction of William Saccoman, M.D. From that point on she began gathering testimonials from patients who had benefited dramatically from Internal Cleansing.

For the next 17 years Millan owned and operated an Alternative Health Clinic called Rainbow Nutrition treating an average of 50 patients a week and administering over 21,000 Internal Cleansing sessions in her 22 years of practice. At the Clinic she also provided Electro Lymphatic Therapy, Body Wraps and Nutrutional Consultation.

With the realization that Internal Cleansing had become very popular with famous celebrities and the fact that the average American consumes over 1 pound of food additives per year, that there are over 3,000 toxic chemicals we are ingesting into our bodies, that the average person is carrying between 5–15 pounds of waste in their body, and that over half of the population is overweight and many with potbellies, Millan realized the importance of discussing this subject.

She authored the first book ever written about modern day professional Colon Hydrotherapy, Stay Young and Healthy Through Internal Cleansing, which came off the press in 1995.

Medical doctors are stating that in this new millennium half of the Americans will contact cancer if one doesn’t resolve the toxic condition of the body; energy may never improve and abundant health may never be attained. Death and Disease begins with a toxic body.

Millan has been a member of the International Association of Colon Hydro Therapists since 1992 and is a credentialed Instructor through them. She is the creator of “Millan’s Home Internal Cleansing Kit” and she has created a Supervised Fasting Retreat called AI Nutrition, which she operates in San Diego, California. Contact information is by phone 800-311-8222.

Millan has traveled world wide teaching the importance of Internal Cleansing. Looking half her age, her charm and charismatic personality display her youthfulness and excellent health, for she is one who practices what she preaches.

She will speak on A Message From Dr. Bernard Jense, Dr. Victor Earl Irons & Dr. Norman Walker: Internal Cleansing For Optimal Health.


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