MICHAEL CULBERT, Sc.D., LittD., Ph.D. (Hon.) is Founder-President of the International Council for Health Freedom (ICHF) and Editor of its newsletter. As a long-time health-freedoms activist, he was the former award-winning California newspaper Editor of the Berkeley Daily Gazette and is the author or co-author of more than 20 books, and dozens of articles, in the areas of Alternative Medicine, medical politics and economics.

Some of his most outstanding books include Vitamin B17: Forbidden Weapon Against Cancer; Heart Of The Apricot – Vitamin B17; Now That You Have Cancer; How You Can Beat The Killer Diseases; International Protocols In Cancer Management; Live Cell Therapy; Oxidology; AIDS: Hope, Hoax & Hoopla; CFS: Conquering The Crippler; Nutritional & Herbal Factors In The Prevention & Management Of Cancer; and Medical Armageddon.

Mike is also Director of Information of the International BioCare Hospital and Medical Center (IBC) in Tijuana, Mexico, and a former President and Chairman of the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine.
In 1999, he was bestowed the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners, in 2001 the U.S.-based Cancer Control Society named him “Humanitarian of the Year”

He will speak with Rodrigo Rodriguez, M.D. on Complementary Therapies At International BioCare.


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