Founder, Gerson Institute

CHARLOTTE GERSON will speak on the Gerson Therapy developed by her father, Max Gerson, M.D. She was born and had her early schooling in Germany. She left in 1933 and continued school in Austria, France and England, then attended Smith College after coming to New York. She helped translate her father’s books and writings into English. She sometimes managed Dr. Gerson’s clinics, attended his lectures, supervised nursing and joined him in making rounds and in discussing cases. As Founder of the Gerson Institute, she lectures widely and currently teaches physicians who operate the Gerson Therapy Hospital.

Dr. Max Gerson is famous for his revolutionary healing therapy for cancer and other diseases presented in his book A Cancer Therapy-Results of 50 Cases. Dr. Albert Schweitzer called Dr. Gerson one of medicine’s most eminent geniuses.

She will speak on Healing Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases—The Gerson Therapy.


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