CHARLES SIMONE received his Medical Degree from Rutgers Medical College, Piscataway, New Jersey in 1975. He is an Internist (trained at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio 1975-77), Medical Oncologist (trained at National Cancer Institute, [NCI], Bethesda, Maryland 1977-82), Tumor Immunologist (trained at NCI 1977-82) and Radiation Oncologist (trained at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1982-85).

While at the NCI, he commenced a series of outstanding scientific investigations that uncovered the fundamental mechanism of how human white cells kill foreign cells; helped demonstrate how “complement proteins” aid in killing; demonstrated how adriamycin, an anti-cancer drug, operates at the cellular level; and conceived and developed the idea of splicing monoclonal antibodies to killing cells that seek out cancer cells.

While thoroughly engrossed in basic science, Dr. Simone again found new direction as a result of direct contacts with cancer patients. One of his first patients was Vice President Hubert Humphrey who was dying of malnutrition secondary to his cancer. Later, a man his own age came to Simone at NCI and asked to be kept alive for the birth of his child. Intensive chemotherapy cleaned out the cancer, but he did not improve. “At last resort, I gave him high doses of vitamins and minerals that quickly produced a seemingly miraculous, but only temporary recovery.” The man saw the birth of his son.

He then wrote Cancer and Nutrition (1981), the first in its genre, and many other books including Shark Cartilage and Cancer, The Truth About Breast Health – Breast Cancer (2002), and How To Save Yourself From A Terrorist Attack (2001). He has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

He helped organize the Office of Alternative Medicine, NIH (1992), helped write the Dietary, Health and Education Act of 1994, helped win landmark cases against the FDA by showing they violated the First and Fifth Amendment rights of Americans, was bestowed the first Bulwark of Liberty Award in 2001 by the American Preventive Association and continues bench research with the NCI showing that proteomic patterns can diagnose specific cancers at earlier stages than we are currently able to do (Lancet Feb. 2002, JNCI Nov. 2002).

He is a consultant for heads of state of the U.S. and other countries, celebrities, and advises many governments regarding health care. He testifies for the U.S. Senate and House on matters concerning health, cancer, disease prevention, children’s health programs, FDA reform, and Alternative Medicine.

Currently, he treats patients at his Simone Protective Cancer Center located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. There he offers his patients a better chance by integrating the most effective treatments for cancer. Lifespans can be extended by following his Ten Point Lifestyle Plan. Contact information is by phone 609-896-2646 and website

Dr. Simone will speak on Breast Health – Breast Cancer.


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