RONALD WHEELER, M.D., UROLOGIST AND PATIENT ADVOCATE, is the Medical Director of the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center in Sarasota, Florida. A health care practitioner in his 17th year, Dr. Wheeler graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 1979. He completed his Urologic Surgical Residency training at Louisiana State University Medical School, New Orleans in 1985.

During a brilliant surgical career, Dr. Wheeler realized that attempting to cure prostate cancer through “traditional surgical and radiology techniques” often had little impact on the progression of the disease and/or survival of the patient.

Dr. Wheeler is a patient advocate and serves on the Advisory Board of numerous health-related organizations. A runner-up for the prestigious “Educator of the Year” Award, he has spoken at the National Institute of Health (NIH) on multiple occasions. He holds two patents related to prostate disease diagnosis and prostatitis resolution.

Dr. Wheeler has authored numerous articles and has been the principal investigator in various clinical trials. His passionate style and concern for his fellow man has allowed him to embrace the least invasive, least traumatic, yet equally effective form of disease suppression and/or stabilization. Chronic Disease Management (CDM) is a unique prostate cancer protocol that highlights proper diet, appropriate nutrition, adequate exercise, stress management, and enhanced education while preserving quality of life issues. His integrated approach allows for outcome validation based on recognized, reproducible biologic markers.

Dr. Wheeler is currently spearheading awareness for prostate disease through the “Drive for Prostate Health.” He believes that education will allow patients more viable treatment options with early diagnosis including living with the disease.

Dr. Wheeler may be contacted by phone at 877-766-8400, by websites and and by e-mail

He will speak on Prostatitis As A Cause Of Prostate Cancer & Why Your PSA Must Be Less Than One!


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