MARC DARROW, M.D., J.D. received his J.D. Degree from Golden Gate University College of Law, San Francisco, California in 1973 and his M.D. Degree from University of Hawaii, John Burns School of Medicine, Manoa in 1994. He finished his Residency Training in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1998.

Currently, Dr. Darrow is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine and is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as a Physiatrist and is a Qualified Medical Examiner.

He practices Sports Medicine and Pain Management with Jason Kelberman, D.C. and William Bergman, Ph.D. at his Joint Rehabilitation & Sports Medical Center in West Los Angeles, California. Contact information is by phone 310-231-7000, fax 310-231-7227, website and e-mail

Dr. Darrow emphasizes Prolotherapy at his Center and also teaches Prolotherapy at UCLA. Prolotherapy is a safe, highly effective yet relative unknown Therapy used to heal chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries by stimulating the growth of new collagen and cartilage tissue that rejuvenates the damaged ligaments, tendons, muscle fascia and joint capsules responsible for most chronic pain. With an injection of natural substances into precisely targeted areas of the body, knows as “trigger points,” the doctor activates the body’s natural healing process which stimulates the growth of new collagen and cartilage.

Dr. Darrow is the author of 3 books: The Knee Source Book, The Collagen Revolution: Living Pain Free and The Hollywood Pain Solution. In addition, he has his own radio show called The Dr. Marc Darrow Show with Gene Steiner, R.Ph. in Southern California on KRLA-AM-870 – Sat. 7:30–8:00 a.m. (Nationwide on internet

He will speak on The Collagen Revolution – Prolotherapy For Pain & Joint Problems.


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