KATHLEEN DEOUL began her successful business career managing medical offices. After reaching the pinnacle of her field, however, she realized that she was capable of much more. Kathleen joined Exxon Office Systems, rapidly becoming one of that company’s top 10 sales representatives. In recognition of her achievement, Exxon invited her to join its prestigious “President’s Club.”

In 1993, Kathleen embarked on yet another entrepreneurial endeavor. Becoming convinced through personal experience of the value of magnetic technology as a therapeutic agent, she had begun marketing magnetic products. She knew they held the potential to ease the suffering of millions of people who had been abandoned by conventional medicine. It was, in essence, a “calling.” Kathleen thereby founded her second company, Wellness Alternatives, to help bring the message of this new and exciting medical breakthrough to thousands of people throughout the world.

In 2003, she established her third company, Cassandra Books, a publishing firm specializing in Wellness and Complementary Medicine. Kathleen writes a monthly newsletter for Cassandra, which also published her first book, Cancer Cover-Up.

Cancer Cover-Up is a thoroughly documented, comprehensive history of Alternative Cancer Treatments and how they have been suppressed by the medical establishment since the 1920’s. It also presents a detailed description of the Cesium “High pH Therapy” along with case histories of patients who have successfully used it.

Kathleen is a popular lecturer, crisscrossing the country to speak to groups about the benefits of Complementary Medicine and especially Magnetic Therapy. She is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who of American Women.

Kathleen can be contacted through FACT, The Foundation for Alternative and Complementary Therapies, P.O. Box 110, Stevenson, Maryland 21153.

She will speak on The Cesium Cancer Therapy.

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