KURT GREENBERG, AUTHOR is the author of 2 books. Challenging Orthodoxy: America’s Top Medical Preventives Speak Out was published in 1991. This book of interviews was conducted with such notable physicians as the late Robert Atkins, M.D., Garry Gordon, M.D. and Michael Schachter, M.D. Kurt has hosted a number of health conferences with some of the leading names of Complementary Medicine as well.

His latest book, The Skin Cancer Breakthrough Program published in 2003, was inspired because of his personal history with skin cancer. The book attempts to answer questions such as why are more people getting skin cancer and who is really at risk? The book examines the environmental as well as the dietary and nutritional factors that may determine an individual’s risk of getting skin cancer as well as premature aging of the skin and wrinkles
Currently, he serves as a Consultant with Ecological Formulas and maintains his education website www.kurtgreenberg.com, which includes audio interviews with a number of leading well known doctors. Kurt also develops new products for Sedna Specialty Products, ABCO Laboratories and Breakthough Formulas.

He will speak on The Skin Cancer Breakthrough Program.


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