JANET GREENE, M.D. completed her Internship and Residency Training in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Bronx, New York. After this, she stayed in New York and worked for 5 years as an Emergency Department Physician and was also Medical Director of the Diet Center at Queen’s Flushing Hospital.

In 1989, Dr. Greene moved west to Santa Fe, New Mexico, following a calling to explore a simpler lifestyle. Her interest in Alternative Medicine was already deeply ingrained, particularly as a result of her medical studies, spiritual practices and the healing paths of many of her friends and family members.

Dr. Greene opened one of the first private Holistic Medical Practices in Santa Fe in 1991. She combines many of her healing skills to provide diversity of care in the areas of Internal Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbology, Aromatherapy and Diet Counseling. She also offers Thermography—an early screening device for breast cancer—a new technology in which she is highly trained and certified to offer.

Thermography is an adjunctive diagnostic procedure approved by the FDA for purposes of breast cancer screening. It is, simply, a highly specialized infrared camera, which can read the heat coming from the surface of the skin, which may be associated with breast cancer. The computer analysis of these heat patterns can lead to a clinical impression, which indicates the presence of breast abnormality, often 5-10 years before a mammogram can currently see a mass. Thermograms are non-invasive and have no radiation or breast compression.

Dr. Greene may be reached for Private Consultations by phone 505-982-1910 and e-mail jgreen@mfgdsl.com.

She will speak on Breast Thermography.


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