DOUG KAUFMANN, a nationally recognized author, lecturer and television and radio show host, has over 30 years experience in diversified healthcare. Kaufmann developed the first United States Medical Laboratory that correlated a broad range of medical symptoms and diseases with food and fungus.

His medical career began when he was chosen to go through Medical Corps School while in the U.S. Navy. He graduated from Hospital Corps School in 1969, was trained extensively in Emergency Medicine and in late 1970 was sent to Vietnam where he was attached to The Seventh Marine Division as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. His tour of Vietnam culminated with orders to The First Medical Battalion in Danang, Vietnam. Kaufmann earned such combat decorations as the Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and the Vietnam Service Medal with one bronze star.

Following his honorable discharge, Kaufmann became certified by the American Society of Allergy Technicians (ASAT) and worked in the Allergy and Immunology field with a Los Angeles Allergist. A course in Food Allergy taken at the Washington University School of Medicine in 1974 would alter his career. While avoiding certain allergic foods, many of their patients had their nasal allergies, for which they were taking weekly allergy shots, completely disappear. Doug realized that food was either a potent allergen that caused serious disease, or, conversely, a medicine that could treat autoimmune diseases. Of course, the latter has now been documented within the scientific literature. He co-investigated several research papers with doctors at USC Medical School in L.A.

In 1979, Doug opened Physicians Laboratories, Inc. in Los Angeles. This Laboratory was involved in food and fungal research and had a staff of 4 Research Immunologists. The first ELISA tests for food allergy were created in this Laboratory as well as significant research aimed at better understanding the food-disease link.

A physician group in Dallas, Texas recruited Kaufmann in 1987, after they learned of Kaufmann’s Laboratory Technology. While utilizing his Technology for determining fungal diseases, an amazing discovery resulted. When being treated for fungal infections, many patients with various diseases thought to be incurable responded favorably to dietary changes and antifungal drugs.

Kaufmann began broadcasting his discoveries on radio in Texas in 1992. This early radio success spawned a national television show within 7 years. In 1999, a small Texas cable network began producing and broadcasting Kaufmann’s show, Your Health, nationwide. In 2003, Kaufmann began self-syndicating his own television show, called Your Health Matters, which can be seen throughout the United States in 60,000,000 households. The show empowers and educates the general public on “owning” their own health. Additionally, Kaufmann can be heard on his daily radio shows, entitled Know the Cause, in several markets.

Kaufmann published The Food Sensitivity Diet in 1984, The Fungus Link in 2000, The Germ That Causes Cancer in 2002, Infectious Diabetes and What Makes Bread Rise? in 2003 and Maximum Fertility in 2004. Each book offers an alternative viewpoint to prevailing medical thought on the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

He may be contacted through the Kaufmann Nutrition & Media Center by phone 972-772-0990 and website

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