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CLINTON MILLER is the Health Freedom Lobbyist for the Health Freedom Fund. From 1962 to 1989 he served the National Health Federation (NHF) as Lobbyist, Vice President and Executive Director.

Clinton is the “Father” of the Informed Consent Amendment of 1962. Congress enacted the amendment he proposed which required scientists performing medical experiments on humans to get their informed consent. Until then medical experiments were being performed on tens of thousands without their knowledge or consent.

He authored and successfully lobbied unanimous enactment of The Proxmire Vitamin Bill of 1976. It prevented the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from putting most high potency vitamins on prescription as urged by the American Medical Association (AMA).

As Chairman of the Utah Anti-Fluoridation Committee he helped keep Utah the least fluoridated state in America for more than 60 years. As Chairman of the National Anti-Fluoridation Committee, he helped kill all national compulsory Fluoridation Bills in the 1960’s.

His current projects are to:
1. Help enact state Health Freedom bills in the 46 states that do not yet have them. They will be modeled after the MN, RI, ID & CA bills.
2. Help enact H.R. 4169, the Federal “Mad Hatter” bill to stop mercury from being added to vaccines. It currently has 31 cosponsors.
3. Help kill S-722, the Durbin/Clinton bill which will destroy DSHEA (The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act).
4. Help all cities and states that have compulsory fluoridation to vote it out. When it is out of all US cities, work to get it out worldwide.
5. Help enact H.R. 2627 to require IRS to allow amounts paid for dietary supplements to be­treated as medical expenses.

Clinton may be contacted by phone 704-924-8615, fax 704-924-8616 and e-mail

He will speak on Alternative Medicine Lobbying 2004.


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