PATRICK QUILLIN, Ph.D., R.D., C.N.S. studied Pre Med at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN. He received his B.S. Degree in Foods and Nutrition from California State University, San Diego, and his M.S. Degree in Applied Human Nutrition from Northern Illinois University. His Ph.D. in Nutrition Education was earned at Kensington University, Glendale, CA.

Dr. Quillin is a Registered Dietitian (R.D.), Licensed Dietitian (L.D.) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.) from the American College of Nutrition. Over the past 18 years, he has become a nationally recognized expert in Clinical Nutrition. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows nationwide and is a regular speaker at medical conventions.

Dr. Quillin has been a Consultant to the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Army Breast Cancer Research Group, Scripps Clinic, La Costa Spa and United States Department of Agriculture. He has taught college nutrition for 9 years and worked as a hospital dietitian. In 1995, he obtained an Investigational New Drug #48,676 from the FDA to conduct research on bovine cartilage in advanced cancer patients.

Patrick’s 15 books have sold over 1 million copies and include the best sellers Healing Nutrients and Beating Cancer With Nutrition.

Dr. Quillin served for 10 years as the Director of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He edited the textbook called Adjuvant Nutrition In Cancer Treatment and organized the 1st, 2nd and 3rd International Symposia on “Adjuvant Nutrition in Cancer Treatment,” which attracted scientists from all over the world.

Presently, Dr. Quillin is a Clinical Nutritionist with The Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California. He can be reached by phone 760-632-9042.

He may be contacted through his website and e-mail

He will speak on Nutritional Support During Conventional Cancer Treatments.

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