JAMES FORSYTHE, M.D., H.M.D. received his B.A. Degree in Biochemistry and Physiology from University of California, Berkeley in 1960 and his M.D. Degree from University of California, San Francisco in 1964. He did his Residency in Medicine at Children’s Hospital San Francisco, California in 1971. He received a Fellowship in Oncology-Hematology, Cancer Research Institute, University of California and San Francisco General Hospital in 1973. He became Oncology-Board Certified in 1982.

Since 1986, Dr. Forsythe became interested in combining Conventional and Alternative Medicine. He was the only Oncologist in the area that would treat cancer patients who were under the care of an Alternative Physician. He noted that patients who were integrating Conventional and Alternative Therapies were doing better.

He later became interested in Poly-MVA, which is a revolutionary new category of dietary supplements called Palladium Lipoic Complexes (LAPd). Poly-MVA is created through an innovative process whereby palladium, a rare metal, is chemically bound to alpha lipoic acid, a powerful anti-oxidant involved in cellular energy.

Poly-MVA has become a new cancer breakthrough for advanced cancer patients. Dr. Forsythe has been conducting a Poly-MVA based investigation on various Stage IV cancers since January of 2004 at his Clinic in Reno, Nevada and has seen encouraging results. “We have seen patients go into full remission with aggressive, Stage IV cancers and we see continued positive response in others with previously chemo-resistant cancer. Other benefits from Poly-MVA are a significantly improved quality of life and a substantial reduction in the number and severity of side effects from chemo and radiation therapies.”

The overall response rate compiled for the 18 months was 51% while the chemotherapy plus Poly-MVA was 45% and the Poly-MVA alone was 55%. The best responding tumors were prostate, breast and lung.

Dr. Forsythe may be contacted at both his Homeopathic Practice (Century Wellness Clinic) and his Conventional Medical Clinic (Cancer Screening and Treatment Center) located in Reno, Nevada by phone 877-789-0707 and website www.drforsythe.com.

He will speak on An Oncologist Reveals Promising Studies On Poly-MVA For Cancer.

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