TRACY KENT GIBBS, PH.D. attended Aichi Medical School in Aichi Japan from 1991 to 1993 where he studied Anatomy, Genetics, Hematology, Pharmacology, Advanced Herbology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Endocrinology. Then in 1995 he graduated with a Degree in Pharmacology from Kenchi Kenkyu Gakkuin School of Pharmacy in Nagoya, Japan.

Dr. Gibbs has lectured all over the world on the clinical applications of Herbal Medicine and has a unique insight on the future innovation of herbal based drugs in the USA. Dr. Gibbs is the Administrator of a school in Japan and one in the US that teaches heads of households how to use herbs in everyday situations as an alternative to visiting crowded medical clinics.

He has authored one book in English entitled My Home Pharmacy and has authored two books in Japanese, Your Blood Speaks and Enzyme Power (English translations of Japanese titles). Dr. Gibbs is currently working on completing the first English textbook on performing Live Cell Morphology using methods that have been approved in other countries.

Currently, Dr. Gibbs is the Founder of Health Education Corporation, an educational company that specializes in nutritional analysis of blood evaluation, educational seminars, printing of literature and counseling. Tracy is also a Co-Owner and Chief Formulator for NutraNomics, Inc., a Salt Lake City, Utah based corporation that specializes in the research and development of nutritional supplements and herbal products. NutraNomics, Inc. has produced over 250 formulas for other nutritional supplement practitioners.

Dr. Gibbs will speak on Rain Forest Biologicals For Cancer.

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