LYNNETTE BLAKE, LPN, ND, DM(P) started her education in Nursing at Columbus State College of Nursing in Ohio in 1999. After completion she then went to further her education at Ohio University in Lancaster. She was recently licensed through the Pastoral Medical Association with a License of Doctor of Pastoral Medicine.

In late 2006, she discovered that she had cervical cancer for the second time and started traditional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. In 2007, after eight types of chemotherapy and ten rounds of radical radiation and having been given 6 months to live, she turned to Alternative Cancer Treatments, having learned that Juicing, Amygdalin, Vitamin C and other supplements might be more helpful. By October 2008 all cancer was gone from her body. She continued treatment for 14 months and has remained in remission. Soon after becoming cancer free, Lynnette wanted to tell her story, which led to the first printing of her book, The Heavenly Cure for Cancer… Is There One?. A second edition has recently come out.

Publication of the book motivated Lynnette to seek her Degree at Trinity Christian in Naturopathic Medicine. After completing her training in 2010, she opened her own Wellness Center, Back to Eden, in Stuart, Florida with her husband Jason Blake. They have teamed up with Deborah DeMarta, M.D. of the Institute of Colorectal Health and Wellness to create a center for patients who are terminal or are seeking Alternative Therapies for cancer. Back To Eden offers Juicing, Supplements, Chelation Therapies, IV Therapies, IV Vitamin C, Amygdalin, Plant Stem Cell and many other up-and-coming treatment options. The Clinic also offers state-of-the-art Thermography, Ultrasound and many other diagnostic tools.

Lynette may be reached at her Back To Eden Wellness Center by phone 772-600-5815, fax 772-781-5456, e-mail and website

She will speak on My Recovery From Cervical Cancer Using Laetrile, Enzymes, Vitamin C & Other Therapies.

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