TOM LOWE, Entrepreneur


TOM LOWE, ENTREPRENEUR obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. After one year of teaching he realized that his field of interest lay elsewhere and began an entrepreneurial journey.

His 16 different business start-ups over the last 40 years have given him a wealth of experience. His interest in Alternative Medicine is fueled by his oldest son having a brain tumor called oligodendroglioma.

Five year ago he was approached by a medical person about opening an Alternative Medical Clinic in Michigan that focused on Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) using UV light as a Therapy. Initially skeptical, Tom launched an intense research project and after scores of hours determined its legitimacy and agreed to open the Clinic.

The major issue was that the devices available were not in line with newer studies as far as potency and UV output required. As an Entrepreneur, Researcher, Designer, Inventor and Marketer, Tom took on this task with whole-hearted enthusiasm. He not only developed a new device but also conceived a more effective procedure and has become one of the foremost authorities on UBI Therapy in the country.

The website gives over 200 medical studies, patient stories and virtually all the information that is available on UBI. Tom now teaches around the country and has participated in helping over 100 doctors understand more about this Therapy. He and his company have presented information in Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, Germany and Malaysia. A 24-minute DVD has just been produced that gives an overview of UBI and is avilable at this convention.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy includes two actions:

1. UBI kills bacteria and viruses in the blood, which then creates a personal vaccine.
2. UBI cuts inflammation, oxygenates tissues, fights infections and balances the immune inflamation system.

Mr. Lowe has an office in Lansing, Michigan and may be contacted by e-mail at

He will speak on Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation as a Major Tool In Cancer Adjunctive Therapy.


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