FRANK CUNY, PRES. CALIFORNIA CITIZENS FOR HEALTH FREEDOM has a B.A. Degree in Social Science and a second B.A. in Administration from Sacramento State Univesity, California.

His professional background included 4 years with the United States Air Force, 4 years as an Elementary School Teacher, 8 years as the Executive Director of Community Poverty Programs, 15 years as the Director of the Residential Treatment Program for youth with severe emotional and behavioral problems and a program focused on Natural Health.

For the last 10 years, Frank has served as President and Executive Director of California Citizens for Health Freedom. He does Legislative Advocacy for citizens rights to Alternative Medical Treatment at the state capitol in Sacramento, California.

In the past he has provided leadership for passage of a law that makes it legal for physicians to do Alternative Medicine, Passage of the bills to License Clinical Trained Naturopathic Doctors, Right of Nutritionists to practice, Right of Licensed Midwives to practice and Non-Licensed Health Advisors to practice.

Mr. Cuny will speak on the major developments in the possibility of the passage of a Medical Freedom Bill in California that would enable Physicians to legally offer Alternative Treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Frank may be contacted at his office located in Oroville, California by phone 530-534-9758, website and e-mail

He will speak on Cancer Legislation & Medical Freedom Issues.

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