LINDA JAQUES is a writer, artist and ovarian cancer survivor whose experience with conventional oncology turned her into a proactive advocate for Alternative Treatments and the Natural Medicine Approach to healing this disease. In 2011, while recovering from damage caused by two powerful chemotherapy drugs, she saw a flyer advertising the Cancer Control Society Convention. Those three days of lectures left her feeling both hopeful and motivated to investigate the anti-cancer strategies that had been discussed.

The Convention also inspired her to undertake a parallel investigation into the workings of Mainstream Corporate Oncology, and its systematic marginalization of Natural Medicine. Her personal healing journey included two years of researching and writing about our cancer epidemic, the past century of misdirected professional response to this most lucrative of diseases, the many aspects of cancer culture, as well as the practical hands-on details of combating cancer with so-called alternative treatments. The resulting unique and comprehensive e-book is called Cancer For The Rest Of Us – A Necessarily Flawed Guide For Epidemic Times.

Putting many of these nutritional, medicinal and lifestyle strategies to work in her own life, Linda healed the damage created by major surgery and chemo, and continues with this approach to prevent recurrence. She is an enthusiastic advocate for patients taking responsibility for their health in today’s increasingly carcinogenic world, with day-to-day choices that build lasting health and enhance quality of life.

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Linda Jaques will speak on Cancer-Fighting Actions You Can Take Now.

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