ORAM MILLER, B.B.E.C., E.M.R.S., is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist based in Los Angeles, California. He received his certification from the International Institute for Bau-biology and Ecology in Clearwater, Florida (www.hbelc.org).

Oram provides healthy home and office evaluations for clients throughout Southern California who have electro-magnetic sensitivities, as well as those who want a healthier home. Oram also consults on the healthy design and construction of new and remodeled homes. He writes extensively on the health hazards of EMFs on his website www.createhealthyhomes.com.

Oram is also co-author of Breathing Walls, a manual featuring protocols for designing and building a healthy new or remodeled home without mold of chemical outgassing.

Oram is available for on-site EMF Consultations in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Orange Counties and provides telephone consultations for clients nationwide. Oram can be reached by phone at 310-720-7686 and e-mail info@createhealthyhomes.com.

Oram will be talking about EMFs, or Electromagnetic Fields, from cell phones, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), smart meters, power lines and the wiring in our walls. He will explain what types of EMFs exist in homes, how they are created, how they affect our health (including research on EMFs and cancer) and what we can do about them in our homes.

While governmental regulatory agencies, media and academic institutions in this country have virtually ignored the health effects of EMFs, Europe and the rest of the world have taken a completely different approach. Researchers and governments around the world are warning their citizens of the dangers of wireless devices. Wi-Fi is being taken out of schools and libraries in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and Israel. Cell towers are being taken down in Spain and being moved out of towns in India. Residential construction is not allowed near power lines in Russia and England recommends the same. Smart meters are banned in Italy and the United Kingdom has instituted a one-year moratorium on their deployment.

Governments around the world see the mounting long-term health effects, including cancer, from EMFs, and they have launched a public awareness campaign to educate their citizens on the dangers of cell phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors and other devices.

These countries pay for the health care of their citizens and they are trying to get ahead of the looming health crisis that they see unfolding.

Swedish researchers have discovered a five-fold increase in the incidence in leukemia in children using cell phones and head tumors are on the rise, especially among young people. Now that the ten-year latency period for cancers to develop has been passed for the bulk of the populations using cellphones, tumors are now showing up in studies worldwide, DNS is being recognized as a vulnerable, fractile antenna when unfurled for protein synthesis, susceptible to transcription errors caused by low-level radio frequency exposure from the use of cell phones and cordless phones.

While the FCC in this country only focuses on the heating effects of wireless devices and claims that there is no evidence of harm from wireless transmitted power outputs below their astronomically high safe exposure levels for radio frequency exposure, other countries acknowledge the harmful non-heating, biological effects at the cellular and DNA level from long
term, low-level exposure to radio frequencies. These countries are advocating lower safety levels, removing Wi-Fi from schools, the development of new technologies for wireless communications and protection of the “electro-sensitive” population, among other steps. A tipping point has been reached worldwide, and it is time Americans are made aware of the dangers of our headlong rush to deploying wireless everywhere we go and in everything we use.

Oram lives in West Los Angeles. He is active in Tai Chi (holding a Blue Belt) and informal music groups. Oram has a keen interest in ecology and protecting the environment and its effects on people, which is why helping clients create a healthy living and work environment as a building biologist is so fulfilling as a career.

See Oram’s website for more information, at www.createhealthyhomes.com under Cell Phone and Radio Frequency Risks and Articles on EMFs. To view Power Point slides of Oram’s EMF lecture, click on the EMF Lecture Slides link on his website at www.createhealthyhomes.com/EMF_lecture_slides.php.

Mr. Miller will speak on Cell Phones, Wi-Fi & The Wiring In Your Home: EMF Hazards & Solutions.

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