HOWARD STRAUS is the grandson of Max Gerson M.D. and the son of Charlotte Gerson. He has been speaking, writing and publishing on the Gerson Therapy for decades, has been a Gerson Clinic administrator, founded a Gerson Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona, lectured worldwide and has his own Internet interview Program. For years, Howard served the Gerson Institute as a Board member, administrator, Editor of the Gerson Healing Newsletter, arranged travel and facilities for Charlotte’s seminars and convention appearances, and supported her lectures.

Howard was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, graduated in 1964 with a Sc.B. Degree in Physics. He worked in the booming computer industry for over 40 years, then dedicated his life to the Gerson Therapy. He is the author of the Gold Medal-Winning Biography, Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless, has appeared in numerous documentaries, TV and radio interviews and published articles in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, the Italian glossy popular science magazine Scienza e Conoscenza and other magazines and books.

Howard now publishes Charlotte Gerson’s books, his biography, Gerson documentaries and booklets through his publishing company, Gerson Health Media in Carmel, California (www, He has helped to get Charlottes’ book published in 13 languages, with another 4 soon to be published. Howard’s popular weekly Internet interview Program The Power of Natural Healing, now gathers nearly 100,000 international listeners every month.

Howard will speak on The Gerson Therapy – Healing Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases.

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