MATT DeBOW is an author, inventor and public speaker. In 2001 Matt DeBow produced the documentary film Healing With Light: Advanced Medical Technology and in 2012 released his book, Light: Health Benefits & Medical Applications. He has several articles and video clips on and

Most recently he has moved into Medical Device Design and manufacturing with LuxWaves, a photobiological light therapy device company, and NitroBio, a food based nitric oxide activation supplement developer. It has been found that nitric oxide in combination with specific wavelengths of light accelerates healing.

His presentation covers a wide spectrum of information pertaining to light and its effect on biology. He presents studies on artificial light, sunlight, advances in medical applications of light, and how all living things have a matrix of light-emitting photons. He points out how light is the next evolutionary step in medicine, and extremely disruptive to the established allopathic system.

Light is now being used to accelerate healing, remove pathogens from blood, destroy cancer cells, control brain neurons, and has several cosmetic applications Mr. DeBow also presents an effective medical healthcare industry model that is currently the fastest growing style of medical healthcare management in the United States. He believes that this specific management style is a way to fix the ailing healthcare system.

Matt LeBow may be contacted In Austin, Texas at his company, Lux Waves by phone 888-999-7775, email and websites and

He will speak on Light, Health Benefits & Medical Applications.


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