DOUG KAUFMANN, Author was a Hospital Corpsman attached to the 7th Marine Division and 1st Medical battalion in Vietnam in 1970-71. He has maintained his interest and fascination in science through the years. In 1978, he opened the first medical laboratory dedicated solely to Nutrition. There he employed 3 Immunologists who assisted him and his staff in developing a state of the art food allergy testing facility in Los Angeles, California.

In the early 1980’s a research paper caught his eye having to do with how food allergy began, with a leaky gut that enable food particles to escape into the blood where protective antibodies were made in response. He would learn that yeast and fungi, burrowing into the intestine, could cause this leakage.

Armed with this information, he began his Mycology study, a study that continues to this day. As a matter of fact, Doug will present on how these same fungi contribute to cancer.

He worked in Research Nutrition for many years and in Clinical Nutrition for 26 years with physicians who disbelieved in alternate approaches. All were amazed at the results that the proper antifungal diet and proper supplementation had on their sickest patients. The more he learned, the more important it became to share this unknown science of Mycology with health consumers. In the 1990’s Doug began hosting a television show that apparently struck a nerve with the viewers. Today, his TV show, KNOW THE CAUSE, has grown into 95,000,000 American households and has won three Telly Awards! The show and 10 books on the Fungus Link to Disease have captivated a large audience.

Doug contends that knowing the cause makes almost any problem fixable, because the diagnosis is known and accurate. As proud as he is of his discoveries, they pale in comparison to the love he has for his wife of 34 years, and his sons and their wives…and soon a grandson!!

Doug may be contacted through MediaTrition, Inc. located in Rockwell, Texas by phone 972-772-0990, fax 214-771-3400 and by website

He will speak on The Scientific Confirmation Of The Role Of Fungus In Cancer.

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