DAVID KENNEDY, D.D.S. received his B.A. Degree in Conservative Biochemistry and Physiology from the University of Kansas in 1967 and his D.D.S. Degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Dental School in 1971. He then served for 2 years as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Dental Corps in San Diego, California. One of his duties was environmental cleanup of the Naval Training Center base for spilled dental mercury.

In 1973, after the completion of his service obligation, Dr. Kennedy established his private practice in San Diego. He also established and helped build the Chicano Children’s Dental Health Center. In 1984, he founded the Preventive Dental Health Association. From 1988 to 1994 he served as Vice President and then President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Dr. Kennedy has lectured internationally to dentists and professionals on preventive and restorative dentistry and on the hazards of mercury and fluoride.

In October 1995, Governor Pete Wilson signed AB733 into law which forces mandatory fluoridation of our water supply in all of California. The Legislature did this without examining the dangers such as hip fractures, cancer, dental fluorosis and other harmful effects, which have been linked to fluoride in the scientific literature.

Dr. Kennedy founded the Citizens for Safe Drinking Water to circulate a petition, which if enacted would have prohibited fluoridation in California. The time to collect the necessary signatures ran out before the number of signatures needed had been collected.

At present efforts to prohibit fluoridation are from a scientific focus and on a local level by providing the city councils and citizen groups with solid scientific information about the dangers of fluoridation.

In California and other states citizens are banding together, city by city, to keep fluoridation out. If you wish to help please call Citizens for Safe Drinking Water. Their phone is 888-728-3833.

Dr. Kennedy will speak on Fluoride: An Unapproved Drug & Cancer.

Preventive Dental Health Association

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Dr. David C. Kennedy, a pioneering biological dentist, practiced dentistry for more than 30 years and retired in 2000 to work full-time toward improving the dental profession and public understanding of oral health. He has produced more than 30 documentaries including a recently released blockbuster documentary film about the fundamental reasons behind the 18,000 excess infant deaths annually in the United States.

Dr. Kennedy is the Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (www.iaomt.org), which was formed to review, support, and disseminate research on the suitability of materials and methodologies used in the dental practice. He is currently the Information Officer on fluoride for the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

He has lectured to dentists, physicians and other health professionals all over the world on the subjects of preventive dental health, mercury toxicity, and fluoride. He is the author of the book How To Save Your Teeth With Toxic Free Preventive Dentistry that provides instruction and insight for both professionals and the layman on how to provide and receive toxic-free dentistry,

Dr. Kennedy and his wife, hosted by the China Medical University and the People’s Republic of China Department of Endemic Disease Control, produced his first documentary film titled Crippling Waters on the problems of excess natural fluoride in drinking waters of China and the government’s efforts to reduce fluoride intake.

His most viewed film on YouTube is Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas that highlights the 20 years of pivotal medical research funded by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology into the impact of mercury from dental amalgams. Smoking Teeth has rapidly become a best seller for the IAOMT and the internet version is available for free viewing at www.iaomt.org. In addition, he, with the help of Michael Connett, has compiled a series of videos into a two-part DVD made for use in the home, office or play on public access TV, titled: Fluoridation, Let The Truth Be Told Parts I & II.


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