SUSAN MOSS healed herself of Breast and Uterine Cancer twenty-two years ago on the all-natural MOTEP Program she compiled. MOTEP means (Marathon Olympic Tumor Eradication and Prevention Program). Through this regime she accomplished a “self-lumpectomy” (dissolving the tumor naturally) and healed herself using only inexpensive and Non-Toxic Therapies. After observing her body’s healing and watching the destruction her friend Kimberly’s medical treatment did to her young friend, she wrote the book, Keep Your Breasts! This book is now in its sixth printing and three languages. Her follow-up book, Survive Cancer! relates how others used the MOTEP program for many types of cancer or figured out their own natural program, some after medical treatment failure.

Moss has been around the world and across the country lecturing and helping others. Her second cancer book was presented in Glasgow, Scotland and filmed by the BBC. Today, Moss is healthy and pursuing her mission to promote the natural healing and prevention of cancer.

She will speak on Keep Your Breasts!

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