BEN JOHNSON, M.D., D.O., received her M.S. (1980) in Nutrition and Health from California State University, Los Angeles. In 1992 she was awarded an honorary doctorate for life’s work. She specializes in Hematology (the science of blood chemistry) and studied with famed Harold Manner, Ph.D., head of the Biology Department at Loyola University in Chicago. He was famous for his controversial book Death of Cancer. Her specialization in hematology as a blueprint for predicting cancer began because of her work at Dr. Manner’s cancer clinic in Tijuana.

She was awarded a scroll of commendation in 1985 from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for her work with the Los Angeles County Task Force on Nutrition. She was past Vice Chairwoman of this task force where she served for 11 years as part of an advisory team to the schools, hospitals and jails.

Dr. Johnson’s credentials include scientific member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, past Director of the Pritikin Better Health Program, Nutritionist for Pasadena Community Hospital, Behavioral Medicine Unit, and Nutrition Instructor for Pasadena City College, Cerritos College, Ambassador College, Orange Coast College and San Bernardino College. She has also hosted many television and radio programs.

In 1980 Dr. Joyce founded the Wellness Center of America where she specializes in the nutritional blueprint of blood, urine and hair. Dr. Joyce says “your chemistries can warn you of a future health disaster 5 years before the symptoms appear”. She predicts this by performing 99+ tests that are downloaded into her one-of-a-kind-in-the-world software program designed by Mathematician Physicist Frank Bingham, Ph.D. It performs 15,000 scientific calculations thus developing a “nutritional blueprint” showing the reasons why present conditions have occurred. This information gives the road map to preventing future health problems. She has a national network of laboratories so is able to accommodate clients throughout the United States and consultations are conducted by mail, phone and e-mail.

Dr. Joyce is living proof of the value of her teachings. At 83 she is energetic, extremely active and looks much younger than her age. Yet 50 years ago she contracted such a debilitating case of arthritis that she could no longer teach ballet and was almost confined to a wheelchair. Today she is pain free and takes no medications. Her newest book is Blood Chemistry…The Key To Predicting Cancer and will give new understanding about tests for measuring oxidative stress and telomeres as markers for length of life and disease potential.

Dr. Joyce may be contacted by phone 800-545-6923, e-mail and website

She will speak on Blood Chemistry…The Key To Predicting Cancer.

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