RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ, M.D. obtained his Medical Degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and did his post-graduate and fellowship in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He is a postgraduate in Nuclear Medicine.

In 1976, Dr. Rodriguez joined the group that co-founded what is now known as International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. He is the Medical Director and is an internationally recognized pioneer in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.

Dr. Rodriguez has implemented innovative medical protocols sharing information with numerous consultants and research institutes around the world and has participated in symposia and workshops in the USA and foreign countries. He has undertaken collaborative research projects in Mexico and foreign institutions in the use of Cellular Therapy, Childhood Retardation, Ozone, Gene Therapy, Whole-Body Hyperthermia and Intravenous Hyper Alimentation in cancer and degenerative diseases. Physicians and patients from around the world seeking information on the latest advancements in Metabolic Nutritional Therapy regularly consult him.

Currently, Dr. Rodriguez is involved with supplementation for optimum health performance and Anti-Aging Protocols, Innovative Cancer Programs and Oxidative Therapies for chronic infectious processes.

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He will speak on (IBC) International Bio Care Hospital – Answer To Cancer.

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