IRMA SIERRA, D.C. & JORGE JARROT, D.C. Dr. Sierra received her Doctor in Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College, New York City in 1984. She is married to Jorge Jarrot, D.C., who received his Doctor in Chiropractic Degree from Life College of Chiropractic, Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. After assisting Dr. Sierra since 1985 he decided he could be of better help by becoming a Chiropractor. They work together in San Juan, Puerto Rico at their Clinic called Clinica Quiropractic Jarrot Sierra where patients seek their care for the treatment of neuro-muscular and skeletal conditions and also for those who have exhausted other avenues of treatment.

Irma is the daughter of the late Ralph Sierra, D.C., a pioneer and worldwide known scientist in Biomagnetism. He was an international speaker and spoke at the Cancer Control Society Convention in 1979.

Power In A Magnet is a book written in 1975 by Ralph Sierra, D.C. It has been updated as a reference book on Bio-Magnetism that contains a careful look at how the use of magnets can benefit your life. The book contains the history, events, accomplishments and the scientific studies on the power of a magnet to promote wellness.

Living in a health care environment, Drs. Jarrot and Sierra combined Chiropractic with Magnetic Therapy.

With over 20 years of experience with thousands of patients and the knowledge her father left them, they became concerned with the expansion of magnetic products in the market (many lacking strength or with the wrong polarity to the body). In 2004, they started a new company, Jarrot Sierra Health Magnetic Store, with the purpose to inform and educate about the power of a magnet and offer magnetic products that are carefully analyzed for the application to the living system including humans, animals and plants.

You may contact Drs. Jarrot and Sierra through their store called Jarrot Sierra Health Magnetic Store & More located in San Juan, Puerto Rico by phone 800-761-5767, website and e-mail

They will speak on Power In A Magnet To Heal.

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