BRADFORD WEEKS, M.D. worked for two years doing research at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Mineral Metabolism Unit working on Osteoporosis (calcium, magnesium with Robert Neer, M.D.) and vitamin D metabolism (with Michael Holick, M.D.).

In addition, he studied various nutritional strategies: Macrobiotics (with Mishio Kushi, raw foods, fasting), Acupuncture, Massage (shiatsu), Music Therapy (trained in the Tomatis method), Anthroposophical Medicine (with Otto Wolff, M.D.) and Classical Homeopathy. Medical school at the University of Vermont in Burlington was followed by Medical Internship (1 year) and Psychiatric Residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (3 years). He became a specialist in Psychiatry (focusing on Neuro-Psychiatry and Psycho-Neuro-Immunology).

A beekeeper before he became a physician, Dr. Weeks has utilized Venomology (apitherapy in particular) since founding the American Apitherapy Society (AAS) in 1985 and editing its Journal for the first 6 years of its publication. Fortunate to have developed a close mentoring relationship with the father of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Weeks has developed these principles over the past 20 years in his Psychiatric and Medical Practice.

Invited to work with the world-famous Jonathan Wright, M.D. at the Tahoma Clinic right out of residency, Dr. Weeks subsequently broadened his practice to include Nutritional Therapies, including myriad IV treatments (ACAM accredited in Chelation Therapy 1994), Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) (trained 2002 and Clinical Instructor 2009), while developing the field of “Corrective Medicine and Psychiatry.”

At this point he serves both as a general practitioner and as a specialist and focuses on not fighting illness but rather on correcting imbalances on the mental, emotional, vital and physical levels. When necessary, he has utilized low-dose, targeted chemotherapy methodology referred to as Insulin Potentiation Therapy as part of Corrective Cancer Care. Dr. Weeks strives to empower patients to create peace within by changing their physiology through diet, orthomolecular replenishment, managing their mental state and getting a good nights’ sleep.

His current focus is sharing the principles of Corrective Cancer Care with interested Oncologists addressing the importance of not just killing cancer cells but also nourishing the patient and his/her immune system so that the cancer STEM cells which cause most of the trouble can be reintegrated into a healthy body.

Dr. Weeks may be contacted by telephone at 360-341-2303, e-mail and website

He will speak on Coffee & Cancer.

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