LYNN FRALEY, B.A., R.N., DR. P.H. is a licensed registered nurse who mentors women who seek better health, vitality, and confidence to make lifestyle choices that produce positive results.

A graduate of Wayne State University, with a degree in nursing and a minor in Natural Sciences, Lynn discovered early in her career severe deficiencies in health care, and a lack of creativity in treatment, particularly for cancer. Recognizing the importance of emotional health, its role in illness and the significance of prevention, she pursued further education, attending UCLA, earning a Masters in Community Mental Health Nursing. She taught psychiatric nursing at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles and continued to work clinically, again identifying the limited, narrow scope of care practices available to patients.

Looking for more answers, Lynn sought additional education at UC Berkeley, School of Public Health, receiving a doctoral degree, completing dissertation research on the effectiveness of acupressure as a treatment in women’s health. Her clinical practice continued in a wide variety of settings, allowing her to observe the efficacy of complementary care methods, which she used with hundreds of patients.

Motivated by a drive to educate the broader pubic about lifestyle choices and their profound effect on health and wellness, Lynn became a professional speaker to audiences nationwide. Her topics include the healing power of touch, nutrition, stress management, energy enhancement, detoxification and self-empowerment. She rose through the ranks to serve as President of the National Speakers Association, Northern California Chapter.

Lynn coauthored a book on nutrition, with Betty Kamen, Ph.D., titled Nutrition in Nursing: The New Approach (Keats Publishing), which has an emphasis on nutrient density and healing with food.

When invited to present a program at the Cancer Control Society’s Annual Conference thirty years ago, Lynn was excited and gratified to discover the breadth and depth of options for healing cancer and other illnesses, in work being done globally.

Lynn is an in-demand speaker, with an active practice mentoring clients. She understands that consumers are too often left in the dark, fearful, reluctant to challenge or engage in discussions with authority figures, not encouraged to question proposed treatments, or to even explore natural healing. Lynn believes everyone should have the support they need to transform their lives, exploring options around health and lifestyle.

As a special courtesy to attendees of this conference who hear Lynn’s presentation, “A Nurse Speaks Out,” she is offering a complimentary 20-minute consultation to a limited number of people. Appointments can be made at She can also be contacted at, or 510-843-8894, PST. Be sure to look on her website for information about her course on breast wellness.

She will speak on A Nurse Looks At Cancer Therapies.

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