RICARDO JAMES, M.D. graduated in 1981 from one of the most prestigious Medical Schools in Mexico, the University Autonoma in Guadalajara, which also receives students from the USA & many other countries.

Dr. James spent a couple of years in the conventional field but even then he was interested in the more natural ways of treating patients without drugs and using nutritional methods to heal.

In 1983 Dr. James started working at the Manner Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. The Clinic was founded by the late Harold Manner, Ph.D., who was a pioneer in Metabolic Therapy. This provided Dr. James with a wide experience in treating cancer and arthritis, as well as multiple sclerosis. In total, Dr. James spent 7 years with Manner, treating patients in the USA as well as Mexico.

In 1989, Dr. James became the Assistant Medical Director at the International Medical Center in Juarez, Mexico. This Center was founded by the late Ray Evers, M.D., who was known as the “Grandfather of Chelation Therapy” and a leader in Alternative Therapy.

After these many years of experience with Manner and Evers, utilizing different and effective protocols, Dr. James opened his own Clinic called “The Good Samaritan Medical Center” in Juarez, Mexico.

The Center features Chelation Therapy, Metabolic Cancer Therapies, Immune System Therapies and other Therapies such as Rejuvenation, Live Cell, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Ozone and Detoxification.

Dr. James’ dedication to his patients has resulted in many patients lovingly referring to him as their doctor who “Heals with His Heart.”

He may be reached at his office in El Paso, Texas by phone/fax 866-229-3720 and email jesusencisco@goodsamaritanmx.com

Dr. James will speak on The Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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