GREGORY MELVIN, D.C. received this Chiropractic Degree in 1977 from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. He then went on to continue his education with over 300 hours of Spinal Column Stressology in Long Beach, California. After attending the International Academy of Clinical Thermology, he became the Thermography Reader for Thermal Vision in San Diego.

After he received his Chiropractic license from the California State Board in 1977, he immediately started practicing. In 1985 Dr. Melvin designed a patented spinal device for IVD stress. He is also the originator of Color Enhanced Radiology, with over 600 studies read. He reads thermal imaging and does reporting for over 30 technicians across the United States and trains and certifies other doctors and technicians on how to read and perform functional infrared, known as Integrated Thermography – “point of view of the body as a whole.”

Currently, Dr. Melvin is practicing at Total Thermal Imaging Wellness Center in La Mesa, California. He can be contacted by phone 619-303-5884 or website

He will speak on Thermography, The New Mammography.

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