TIM O’SHEA, D.C. Author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

What is the #1 cause of nonaccidental death among children today? Give up? It’s cancer, according to C.D.C. Before 1960, cancer in children was unheard of. What happened? How many vaccines did kids get in the 50’s? Answer: 2. And today: 69 vaccines before age 18.

Worse news: it will soon be impossible to opt out of vaccines in California. The only place on earth where they will be de facto mandatory: this state. How did that happen? By careful and thorough scientific debate? Or by abolishing medical freedom by draconian new legislation?

Come and learn the facts, the science that corporate media is not permitted to air. And your remaining legal options.

Dr. O’Shea may be reached by phone 408-753-9830 or at his
website www.thedoctorwithin.com

He will speak on The Carcinogenesis of Vaccines: The War On Children.

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