KEN BABAL, NUTRITIONIST has a clinical nutrition practice in Los Angeles and is a consultant to the natural food and supplement industry, including Mushroom Wisdom, Inc. a global leader in the development, production and research of mushroom supplements.

He has written over 500 articles that have appeared in many popular and professional publications including Taste for Life, Developing Healthy Habits, Townsend Letter and Well Being Journal. Ken is author of The Yin-Yang Diet for Balanced Nutrition, Health and Harmony (Turner 2019), which frames modern nutrition science in the ancient Asian concept of yin and yang.

Other books include Mushrooms for Health and Longevity (Alive Books 2011), Seafood Sense: The Truth about Seafood Nutrition and Safety (Basic Health Publications 2005) and Good Digestion: Your Key to Vibrant Health (Alive Books 2000). Ken appears in the Discovery Health Channel documentary “Alternatives Uncovered,” and E! TV’s “The High Price of Fame: Starved!” He is a frequent guest on radio and TV and presents seminars at stores and industry events across the country.

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He will speak on Yin-Yang Food Energetics and Cancer.

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