PEDRO MACCHETTO CERVANTES, M.D. studied and received his degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in 1987. He completed his residency at Tijuana’s prestigious Hospital Del Prado.

From 1990-1992 he practiced Sports Medicine as Atlas de Guadalajara’s physician.

From 1992-2002 he was part of the surgical team of Dr. Pedro Cervantes Ochoa. This team performed cardiovascular and laparoscopy procedure.

In 1995 he was brought on board the production of the film “Titanic” to serve as a general practitioner for two years.

Dr. Cervantes has participated in different courses and congresses throughout the years to keep learning so that he can be informed of new treatments that can complement what is offered at Health Institute de Tijuana. Most recently he just returned from a national congress in Cancun to further study stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Starting in 2000 to the present he has worked at Health Institute de Tijuana starting as a general practitioner and growing to the position of lead treating physician. His years of expertise and compassion have made him an essential and vital component of the team at Health Institute de Tijuana.

Website, address Avenida del Agua 256, Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, telephone 011-52-664-631-8535 and 619-488-2128, email

Please find and follow @HealthInstitutedeTijuana on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

He will speak on Gerson Therapy: Restoring the Body with Nutrition.

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