NICK DELGADO, Ph.D. is a graduate in Health Science of U.S.C.(University of Southern California) with studies at Loma Linda University. Presently he is on the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP) and is a major contributing author to Anti-Aging Medicine Clinical Protocols, where he moderates a Forum for 26,000 physicians and scientists at the website.

Nick was the Director of the Pritiken Better Health Plan and Tony Robbins Master University where he performed oxidative stress testing on over 1,000 graduates. Later, in 2001 he started the Delgado Protocol for Health and now offers support to optimize hormones, energy, improve the immune system and the quality of life.

Most people do not understand nor have they been educated on the fact that cancer doesn’t just suddenly appear. The cancer has been growing for several years in the body before medical science can even detect the tumor the size of a pea. After this point the tumor grows exponentially to become the size of a golf ball or grapefruit. You will then be advised that your only course of recovery is chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

There are a growing number of cancer survivors including Lorraine Day, M.D., who believe that a raw whole foods diet, gentle exercise, stress reduction and supplementation will assist the immune system to build a formidable defense.

Watch my video keynote talk at the new organization release website called and read my newest book soon to be released Steps to Solving Cancer and website You may reach Nick at his office Delgado Protocol for Health in Costa Mesa, California by phone 949-720-1554, e-mail: and website

He will speak on Early Detection & Prevention Of Cancer.

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