JUAN MANUEL GARCIA, M.D. is the medical director of American Holistic Care specializing in Functional Medicine and Sexology. With over 20 years of experience in chronic and degenerative diseases, he has worked in Hospital Sanoviv, Oasis of Hope, Hospital Excel, Hospital Angeles and been the medical director of 2 other local hospitals before joining the team of American Holistic Care where he has been integrating his functional medicine practices in various treatments including the fields of autoimmunology to oncology. He participated as a speaker in Germany for Weber Laser Convention. His additional training includes Iridology certification by Jensen Institute, stem cell training from European Wellness Academy, 10 years of perfusion hyperthermia, and many others. He strongly believes that oral health plays an important role in systemic inflammation.

Alessandro Porcella, Jr. and Dr. Juan Manuel Garcia can be contacted at:

For Dental:
American Bio-Dental Center, by email info@americanbiodental or website www.americanbiodental.com.

For Medical:
American Holistic Care, email herbal@newvita.com or website www.americanholisticcare.com.

By phone: 619-819-9330 and 877-207-08-24.

Alessandro Porcella, Jr. and Juan Manuel Garcia, M.D. will speak on Oral Health and its role in Systemic Inflammation.

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