RICK HILL, AUTHOR AND PATIENT, received his B.S. Degree in Theology from Pillsbury Bible College in Owantonna, Minnesota in 1973. He did graduate degree work at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan for three more years.

In 1974, Rick was diagnosed at the Rochester, New York Mayo Clinic with stage 3 Embryonal Cell Carcinoma that began as testicular cancer but quickly spread to his lymphatic system and was systemic. He was offered Actinomycin chemotherapy and was scheduled to have it. He was encouraged to bring his family into Rochester to say his goodbyes. Rick learned about the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana from a pastor friend and decided not to have the chemo but leave right away for Oasis.

After a full recovery, he became a talk-show host on WSBR radio in Boca Raton, was a satire columnist for the Boca Raton News and began working on an ozone air purifier. Rick was granted a patent for co-inventing an ozone machine used to reduce mold, bacteria and virus. He sold his patent to the Shaklee Corporation and was appointed a Senior VP of Sales. After many years of speaking and writing, he retired to San Diego near his grandkids. While there he visited Oasis and began attending Dr. Contreras lectures. He volunteered to do nutritional cooking shows for the patients and conduct a New Patient Orientation. In February of 2013, Rick was appointed the Director of Admissions for Oasis of Hope.

Rick is the author of The Cancer Conundrum, which tells the inspiring story of how he beat cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. He recalls many of his reactions as he entered the world of health food stores, juicers and colonics.

Rick Hill lives in San Diego, California and may be contacted by phone at 619-690-8424 or 888-500-4673. His personal e-mail is rhill@oasisofhope.com and website is cancersupportshow.com. The Oasis of Hope website is www.oasisofhope.com.

He will speak on How Laetrile And Detox Turned Terminal Cancer Around 45 Years Ago Without Chemo.

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