IAN JACKLIN, AUTHOR / ACTOR, is an amazing and unique addition to the alternative cancer solution scene. Alternative simply means natural approaches that work without harmful side effects compared to the accepted cancer treatments that have created the multi-billion dollar “cancer industry” with its dismal cure rate.

Ian grew up in Canada and became a North America kick-boxing champion who was ranked number two in the world at one time. During that time, he moved to Los Angeles where he achieved his North American kickboxing championship and got involved as an actor in several martial arts movies that were popular during the 1990s. During that time, he got personally involved with young actress who had survived terminal cervical cancer without submitting to the accepted orthodox cancer industry of cut, burn, and poison (surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy). She opened his eyes to the fact that cancer victims don’t have to be chemo or radiation victims to survive cancer with good health.

The same attitude that inspired him to become the best fighter he could be after helplessly watching his ninth-grade school buddy get beat up, became an inspiration to spread the word of how a bully cancer industry creates cowed victims who succumb to harmful treatments. The adverse effects that cause many deaths are attributed to cancer and swept under the rug.

So, he began filming documentaries and interviews of cancer survivors and medical practitioners who use natural means for re-establishing health as the solution over cancers of all kinds. Unlike most writers, myself included, who are not health practitioners or cancer survivors, Ian did not get his material for this book from other published sources. His thirst for knowledge and his unbridled pursuit of cancer health truth has led to recording direct communication with several in the field of alternative cancer solutions, both preventative and curative.

From Ian’s relentless pursuit of picking the finest brains within the alternative cancer therapy field, a lot of information has been amassed to offer several options for preventing and curing cancer. This wide variety of options inspires a great deal of hope and confidence that will encourage anyone, with or without cancer, to understand what he or she can do to both prevent and cure cancer without the rigors and expense of what the cancer industry insists is the only solution. It also allows the reader to cherry pick healing options that resonate. And as you may assume from Ian’s background as a fighter, actor, and documentary filmmaker, this book is not written in a dry academic style. He doesn’t pull punches and kicks. It’s packed with passion and the enthusiasm of one who is discovering the suppressed health information that the arrogant cancer establishment manages to maintain despite continually losing its half-century trillion dollars wasted “war on cancer.”

– Paul Fossa, Holistic Author

Website: www.icurecancer.com

He will speak on I Cure Cancer: Learn How To Turn Your Body into a Cancer Free Zone with pH balance.

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