L.M. (SAM) NEEDHAM, A.P., L.M.T., L.C.T.


L.M. (SAM) NEEDHAM, A.P., L.M.T., L.C.T., Ms. Needham is the CEO and co-founder of American Metabolic Laboratories in Hollywood Florida.

For nearly 25 years, Ms. Needham worked with Dr. Schandl at the lab and has assisted him at numerous conferences around the United States, where he has been a presenter. She has organized and attended American Metabolic Laboratories’ exhibits at A4M, Cancer Control Society, GLACAM, AACC, AAB, ACS, and numerous other venues where she has informed and shared information regarding the laboratory’s services and her many years of experience.

At the office Ms. Needham has spoken to tens of thousands of patients and doctors over the years and has witnessed and gotten feedback from them on the benefits of both the Cancer Profile and Longevity Profile using them for prevention or for monitoring treatments whether traditional, alternative, or a combination of therapies being used.

In 1995, Ms. Needham organized, set up, and ran Life Extension’s Blood Testing department at their State Rd. 84 office in Ft. Lauderdale.

For nearly 29 years, Ms. Needham has been having the Cancer Profile and Longevity Profile tests done on herself. She was a patient of Dr. Schandl’s for four years before becoming part of his staff. She has seen on herself and others how and what the tests can do and the benefit of early preventive testing.

On her free time she enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with family, and her horse.

For more information visit: www.americanmetaboliclaboratories.net.

To reach L.M. (Sam) Needham: sam@americanmetaboliclaboratories.net.

She will speak on The Cancer Profile© and Longevity Profile© for Early Detection and Monitoring of Cancer and Other Diseases.

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