GAEA POWELL, WOMEN’S HEALTH FREEDOM ADVOCATE, before her unexpected quest to empower women began, Gaea enjoyed a successful career in the Film and Television industry, as a business consultant and as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chief of Staff. Unknowingly, her diverse experiences were preparing her to challenge those responsible for causing grave harm to millions upon millions of women.

In 1991 Gaea’s mother, Johnnie Jo lost her life to metastatic breast cancer, she was only 49. After losing her mother, Gaea was determined to avoid the same fate by utilizing preventative strategies along with Breast Thermography, an infrared imaging option FDA approved as an adjunct in 1982. This safe state-of-the-art technology provides physiological data to be monitored for changes that can alert to disease development.

After witnessing the nonsensical medical practices her mother was subjected to, Gaea ignored the Pink Ribbon campaigns as well as the Breast Cancer industry’s fear-based paradigm that ignores critical physiological information, in favor of dictating that women wait for mammogram to finally discover a well-established tumor. Though Gaea respected others’ choice in putting their trust in mammograms (that can cause cancer and spread disease), she declined this illogical and dangerous option and continued focusing on preventative action.

In 2009 Gaea relocated to San Luis Obispo, California, where to her dismay she soon discovered most women and doctors were unaware of preventative strategies and/or Breast Thermography. This was outrageous and unacceptable to her. Her new mission in life was clear, to make certain this state-of-the-art technology was readily available to all women, and that both doctors and women were educated regarding the important physiological data Breast Thermography provides.

Gaea did not realize her efforts would threaten a Breast Cancer industry that had evolved into a multi-trillion dollar (annually) Goliath. She was blindsided by an aggressive campaign local radiologists launched against her and the use of Breast Thermography. Their campaign expanded into a national effort, that included the FDA in misleading women with unscientific fear-based propaganda, to reinforce annual mammogram compliance.

Their actions backfired, inspiring Gaea and her husband, Michael to create a documentary to expose the corporate driven, government sanctioned barbarism at the hands of those whom women blindly trust with their lives.

A Breast Expose’ The Breast Kept Secret includes interviews with courageous doctors, scientists, experts, and breast cancer survivors who reveal the truth, lies and collusion inherent in this dangerous paradigm. The film also provides a call to action in creating a new paradigm focused on education, prevention, healing therapies, and how to protect your right for Health Freedom.

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