AL SANCHEZ, JR., CEO AMARC Enterprises, a former college instructor, entrepreneur and current president of Amarc Enterprises, is a member for the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research, an organization founded in 2004. After losing both his mother, Julia, and sister, Tina, to colon cancer, he committed to joining his family, friends and colleagues in their quest to find better options, access to information, treatments, and hopefully one day a cure for those stricken with such a devastating disease.

Al speaks at various health conferences throughout the world and shares with audiences his experience and research on degenerative disease and his knowledge of health that has helped many people find answers, hope and a better quality of life in many situations. He is committed to the Foundation’s mission to seek out promising, validated complementary/integrative treatment methods, to actively educate the public about them and to support and assist in funding research for development of integrative and safe treatments to help others. He, like so many others, is dedicated to the belief that we can vastly improve the health of the world with educated choices, improved diet and lifestyle combined with natural products that can change the lives of our families and friends in our struggle, especially in cancer and other degenerative diseases, one person at a time.

He can be reach by email and website

He will speak on Long Term Success and Survival in Integrative Oncology – The Do’s and Don’ts.

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