JAVIER VAZQUEZ, M.D., BIOCARE HOSPITAL AND WELLNESS CENTER. A graduate of the University of Baja California School of Medicine and post-graduate in general supportive medicine, Dr. Vazquez has been a leader in all the medical programs #BioCare offers today. He is an active part of the research programs and instrumental in the implementation of many of them. He not only shares but forms an integral part of #BioCare’s philosophy in supporting and promoting biological resources as the ground base from which healing and health should be constructed upon.

Dr. Vazquez travels extensively and regularly attends US and Canada Health-shows many times being the keynote speaker and also gives lectures on the programs available at #BioCare. He also spends long hours in reviewing and monitoring his patient’s progress and still finds time to spend with family and friends and enjoy his other passion, photography and his love for nature’s beautiful landscapes.

He will speak on BioCare Answer For Cancer.

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