Healing Inflammation and Ancestral Wisdom

Norman Fritz

NORMAN FRITZ, B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, University of Kansas, was awarded a membership in Sigma Tau, an honorary engineering fraternity. He worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and was one of the principal architects of Apollo 11.

After a career in aerospace engineering including designs for several other space vehicles, in 1977 he began to work full time at the Gerson clinic, promoting the work of Dr. Max Gerson.

Mr. Fritz' interest in physical health increased tremendously in 1964 when he met Mrs. Cecil Hoffman, the founder of International Cancer Victims & Friends. Through this association, Mr. Fritz discovered the "second world" of numerous suppressed therapies. He didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see that many of these therapies were scientifically more valid than most used by orthodox medicine. He was on the original board of IACVF in 1964, and for many years served as Vice-President, then as President. He wrote and edited for the Cancer News Journal, pioneered the development of IACVF, and became the first to start a chapter. He is currently president of the Cancer Control Society.

Norman speaks on Healing Inflammation & Ancestral Wisdom and is one of the Masters of Ceremonies for this convention.

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